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Carp + Hones Guss GmbH

Center of competence for:

  •  investment casting
  • hand-mould casting
  • materials engineering.

Investment casting is a precision casting procedure for the production of castings with excellent surface finish. It renders surface tolerances as high as Category 1 based on the VDG P 690 norm, even on complex components with up to 70 kg in unit weight.

Our CONTURA® method enables us to produce top-notch surface finishes in accordance with ISO CT 9-10 / GTA 147 – 15 by making use of ceramic materials. Wall thicknesses of less than 2 mm and the casting of complex geometries with highly refined contours for up to 1,000 kg in unit weight are some truly excellent properties.

In hand-mould casting, we produce castings of complex geometries weighing up to 2,000 kg.